NFG and QCOM draw near major technical support

NFG approaches two forms of technical support composed of 1) a long-term Rising Trend Line and 2) a support level shown here by the lower blue horizontal line. Since 2010 buyers have shown up at the $42.00 level while the rising blue trend line has held since 7/22/2002, when a major low was put in.

NFG has increased its dividend for 44 consecutive years and currently yields 3.89 percent.

Below is a Weekly chart of QCOM tracing out the Dot-com boom/bust sequence, the 2008 Financial Crisis and bringing us current with the price retracement of the last two years. The long-term Rising Trend Line commenced in 1999 and held through the 2008 Financial Crisis. QCOM has put in Higher Lows shown here as price bouncing of the blue Trend Line in 2002, 2003, 2008 and 2010. Now in 2015 price is once again testing this Trend-Line and some volatility is to be expected.

Looking at a one or two year chart here would show only the down-trend, but zooming out gives the full picture of what is taking place, possible wholesale opportunities on the long-term time frame.